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I love these wheels so much, they can handle the same surfaces as my strict outdoor wheels as well as be speedy and smooth and maneuverable at the skate park. So sweet not having to change my wheels back and forth. I wouldn't recommend these if you are a beginner outdoor skater, but definitely would for learning how to shred at the park _3

Rated by Kiana

I started park skating with brown Moxi Trick Wheels and I switched to these because of their ability to handle skate park debris (small pebbles, wood chips, etc.). These roll great on a variety of park surfaces and the rounded corners are lovely for carving. The wheel material rolls quietly compared to other park wheels and I love that there's a bit of a softer-landing-feel compared to the Trick Wheels. While you "can" cruise in these on the streets and trails recreationally, they give a bit of a harder roll that may bother beginner skaters (you need momentum to get over bumpier surfaces). But for those who commute to parks via their skates, this wheel is a great option! I've also used them for outdoor dancing, but not indoor. I find them a bit sticky for indoor.

Rated by Martina

I personally loved these little hybrid wheels! They are resilient on sidewalks and asphalt but not crazy grippy and have a bit of a slide. A happy medium, between park & street. Would be a good transition wheel if your beginner in the park, getting use to smaller wheel or you simply hate changing your wheels and like a little something something that does both. Price is high but worth the money!

Rated by Alanna

Love these wheels, both for the skatepark and for dancing! Very versatile!

Rated by Rebecca

The fundaes are a great upgrade from my stock wheels, they are super on tennis courts outdoors and indoors!

Rated by Nichika

Since Moxi is unclear about the hardness of Fundaes, a friend of mine used a durometer to test them and confirmed they are 86a-ish. (I believe the Moxi website sometimes says 92a but it keeps being there and then being taken off!) They're decent as a hybrid wheel to take you from streets to skatepark, and also super cute. I enjoy skating on them on smooth pavement.

Rated by Crystal

Love these wheels for when I wanna skate to the skatepark and don't wanna carry extra wheels. Soft enough for some street skaing but hard enough to rip at the park. Although I wouldn't recommend for long commutes. Very happy with these wheels.

Rated by Zoe

These wheels are so fun and really versatile! Agility is a game changer moving from derby wheels to these the difference is crazy and exciting! Great wheels. Love them! Little stickier than I thought they would be but still in love.

Rated by sarah

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