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I love these skates! they feel (and look) amazing I started skating on a pair of old derby skates i got from craigslist and was a little worried about such an expensive upgrade - it was totally worth it! they are really low profile which means i don't trip over my own feet as much and heel is a game changer when it comes to stability. rollergirl was such a great part of the process and made sure that i had all my questions answered before i purchased. they even help me install my laces to ease the break-in time and installed my protective toe caps for maximum coverage. can't wait to wear these for many many skates to come!

Rated by Ellen

After a long wait due to covid (with lots of wonderful back and forth with the great peeps at rollergirl) my clementine skates arrived and they did not disappoint =) The help I recieved on sizing was completely spot on, these are very comfortable with a nice sole inside. I adore the colour and they move great. A girlfriend of mine has now picked up her own pair and it's great fun with a buddy. Now when will I pick up another colour.. =)

Rated by Caroline

i love my skates. they are so cute, comfortable and so high quality. definatley worth paying a little extra for!

Rated by Lucy

Waited a loooong time for these babies due to COVID delays (and a big thanks to the great Rollergirl staff who kept checking in with me the whole time:-) but it was worth the wait! They are soft and comfortable right out of the box. They are definitely a narrower fit but much better for me than my other wider skates. I usually wear anywhere between an 8 and 9 shoe and I ordered a 7 and they are perfect. Good quality skates that look great too! I ordered pineapple but ended up taking clementine as they were in stock earlier and I love the bright orange colour. Looking forward to trying them outside with the big gummy wheels when the weather warms up!

Rated by Nicola

they are beautiful ????. the most convenient????. contact with people who work here, their help is invaluable❤. I heartily recommend. greetings

Rated by Magdalena

they are beautiful. the most convenient. contact with people who work here, their help is invaluable❤. I heartily recommend. greetings

Rated by Magdalena

Overall moxi Lollys are a really good quality skate that’s great for beginners. The suede is great because it’s easy to clean (sort of..) and it holds up a lot better than some other materials. It’s also super easy to recolour them if you got a lighter colour! I got pineapple and have been deciding whether I should go emerald green or orange next and then black after that. They are really comfy right out of the box just make sure you order the Right size. I wear an 8-8.5 (ish) depending on the shoe and ordered an 8, unfortunately they are a size too big for me. I wore them a bit before realizing my mistake and ended up cutting up some bra pads and shoving them in the toe box to close up some of the extra space which helped a lot. Check, check, and check again before ordering! Make sure to use the size chart, and I also recommend ordering a new stopper as well as the stock Ridell stoppers aren’t the best quality and wore down really fast for me, but they worked for a couple months. (I’ve used the Chaya cherry bomb short thread ones which are great)

Rated by Natasha

Love these skates. Did not want to spend so much money but when this color came out I really wanted them badly. They look great and feel even better. Love the wheels on these. Not only do they look amazing but they ride so smoothly. Definitely recommend these if you can afford them.

Rated by Helen

I've had these skates for a year and they've survived numerous falls at the skate park, on paved trails, and the roller rink. They're such a dream! My only issue is the laces - they can break pretty quickly so I'd recommend purchasing a backup pair of laces from a different brand. Thank you Rollergirl for having such knowledgeable staff and speedy customer service! _3

Rated by Candace

Honestly, never thought I'd own lollys. I know they are essentially suede socks on wheels with minimal ankle support (and I've needed ankle support while learning!) but when the green apple colour was released, I HAD to have them. They are buttery soft and comfy with little to no break in time, and the 2021 wheels being 5mm narrower than previous iterations helps immensely. I really enjoy skating in them as they're a simple, comfy skate. I now own two pairs of lollys. I have no regrets.

Rated by Crystal
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