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So comfortable, and the stock wheels are great outdoors! I went from vegan leather to these suede boots and they are so breathable and free in comparison.

Rated by Natasha

The Moxi Lolly skates are really comfortable. I've got the pool blue, but I've seen some of the other colours, and they're all beautiful.

Rated by Mitchell

Okay, so after browsing multiple websites I finally decided to stop by RollerGirl by Main St. I was a bit of a jerk and went in 15 minutes before they closed, I also went in thinking I was going to buy the cheapest skates I could find as they are my first pair. The lady working was so helpful, kind and genuine. She had me try on these as well as the cheaper skates. There was no comparison, these stole the show! She also grabbed a different set of wheels since the ones they originally came with would have been way to big since I'm a very petite skater. The service was 12/10, I even got a follow up email asking how my skates were doing! I will forever recommend this place to friends. I can't wait to eventually buy my Fresh Meat package :)

Rated by Ashley

I've wanted these skates for years but never wanted to pay US shipping/custom fees, and then I found this site! The skates are exactly like I imagined, super comfy, and holy guacamole is the customer service here ever fantastic. Best purchase 2k16 _3

Rated by Jessee

I bought these skates while I was studying in Toronto and it was the best thing I've ever done. The skates are gorgeous, comfortable and a nice way to exercise. I confess I was insecure about buying it online but the costumer service from the store is the BEST, they've helped me with the change of the plate, the size of the skates, the delivery method, the questions about the trucks, wearings and everything else. I definitely recommend Moxi skates to anyone who wants a nice outdoor skate and this store to anyone who wants to do a safe shop with no worries :)

Rated by Maria

I love, love, LOVE these skates! Yes I do play roller derby but not in these, these I use for skating in bowls and recreational skating through my town. I'm not lieing when I say the boot is the most comfortable boot I've ever skated in, plus it's very well protected on the toes so you can't bang your sensitive toes on the ground. The colour is phenomenal as well. I've always been a fan of high boots for my wobbly ankles. I ordered them a bit custom with the avenger plates mounted as a long mount for stability. Roller girl emailed me to ask questions about sizing, what I planned to do with them etc, they turned out perfect and I'm going to give a big shout out to Zoe for making me my fav pair of skates! The second I opened the box and put them on I had to do jumps with them in the living room. Trust me, you can't fail ordering from roller girl!

Rated by erin

Moxi skate is comfortable and the micro suede gives the skate some flexibility in the upper skate area.. toe area can be a bit snug, but was able to fix it with an adjustment of my laces. A great skate for both indoor and outdoors.

Rated by Veronique

I got my Moxi Lollys in red almost 2 months ago now and I am obsessed with them! When i saw them online I wasn't sure about the shade of red (looks super bright in pics), but the colour is so beautiful in person and it wears really well (doesn't really show dirt). I emailed roller girl with questions and they were super helpful with sizing and information, which I really appreciated as these are my first pair of roller skates and I knew nothing. These are definitely worth the investment because they are made so well and I didn't have to break them in. If you are on the fence, just do it, you will not regret it!!! All in all, cannot recommend enough- super comfortable, gorgeous colour, and the most fun times EVER!!!

Rated by Holly

I’ve had these skates for about 6 months and I love them! If you can afford the price, the suede is very comfortable and easy to break in. The laces are definitely the weakest part of the skate, especially if you tumble a lot, so make sure to invest in an extra pair or two. As for customer service, the responses and shipping were friendly and quick. Included was a maintenance instruction booklet, which comes in very handy to keep everything rolling the best it can. Skate safe everyone!

Rated by Hannah

Overall moxi Lollys are a really good quality skate that’s great for beginners. The suede is great because it’s easy to clean (sort of..) and it holds up a lot better than some other materials. It’s also super easy to recolour them if you got a lighter colour! I got pineapple and have been deciding whether I should go emerald green or orange next and then black after that. They are really comfy right out of the box just make sure you order the Right size. I wear an 8-8.5 (ish) depending on the shoe and ordered an 8, unfortunately they are a size too big for me. I wore them a bit before realizing my mistake and ended up cutting up some bra pads and shoving them in the toe box to close up some of the extra space which helped a lot. Check, check, and check again before ordering! Make sure to use the size chart, and I also recommend ordering a new stopper as well as the stock Ridell stoppers aren’t the best quality and wore down really fast for me, but they worked for a couple months. (I’ve used the Chaya cherry bomb short thread ones which are great)

Rated by Natasha

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