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These skates are awesome! I always eyed them online as their funky and cool colours are super retro and fun. For someone who is not comfortable skating outside these offer great stability and support. They are very comfortable for skating long distances and offer a smooth ride. The wheels are a great size as well. The only thing I would recommend if you can afford it is to get the stronger skate plate but overall I think these skates are aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and easy to skate with, totally worth the investment!

Rated by Marianna Ferri

First of all, let me just say I don't do roller derby. I don't skate in bowls. You won't see me making jumps and cool stuff... I'm just a random thirty-something-chick who skated all through the 80s and woke up one morning near her 40 saying "f*[email protected] inline skating". I never enjoyed in line skating. Even tho I'm a good skater. But I always remembered HOW MUCH FUN I had roller skating. Okay so one day I woke up and WANTED ROLLERSKATES. And now that I'm old, my feet aren't going to grow, right? So why not splurge? I carefully read all the reviews. Also, I like when things are made "closer to home": those skates are made in USA. The service at Rollergirl . ca is EXCELLENT, we talked through emails on what might be the best size for me. Finally, I took a size 40. Mostly, because I wear kickers shoes (french brand) and that's my usual sizing. THEY ARE PERFECT Not only they are hot as hell and people stop me to tell me how cool my skates are, I still can't believe how comfortable they are. I use them outside, even on the streets they are smooth. Not the wheels we used to have in the 80s, SO MUCH BETTER. I'm in love.

Rated by Stephanie Pâquet

I bought these beauties in Teal and they are the best skates I've ever skated on. They give a smooth ride every time. If you are not a large person get plastic trucks in place of the heavy metal ones. I tried both on. (No hassle at all to try before you commit either) and the metal were really heavy on my size 6 feet so rollergirl customized them for me with the plastic and it was fast too. The skates are so pretty and I customized my toe gards with patterned duck tape to make the color of the skate pop that much more. No regrets with this buy at all. I'm taking good care of these babies so they last.

Rated by Carmen Reed

I love, love, LOVE these skates! Yes I do play roller derby but not in these, these I use for skating in bowls and recreational skating through my town. I'm not lieing when I say the boot is the most comfortable boot I've ever skated in, plus it's very well protected on the toes so you can't bang your sensitive toes on the ground. The colour is phenomenal as well. I've always been a fan of high boots for my wobbly ankles. I ordered them a bit custom with the avenger plates mounted as a long mount for stability. Roller girl emailed me to ask questions about sizing, what I planned to do with them etc, they turned out perfect and I'm going to give a big shout out to Zoe for making me my fav pair of skates! The second I opened the box and put them on I had to do jumps with them in the living room. Trust me, you can't fail ordering from roller girl!

Rated by erin gilbert

The stock choices for this line of skates is not particularly great: stiff felt insoles need swapping, Powerdyne Thrust (nylon) plates will be a size smaller than a flat-soles derby boot (a narrower wheel base if you are concerned about stability), and the toe stops are just for stopping outside on roads. For more aggressive skating you will want to upgrade to an aluminum plate, but for boardwalk skating and looking pretty, these are definitely the skates to use. PROS: The outdoor wheels are fantastic on rough asphalt. The suede boot is good to roll right away, nice and supple with no worries. The lacing placement gives you a lot of options for fit around the ankle too.

Rated by Jennifer Coe

Disappointed. More of a beginner's skate. Found them slow and not manoeuvrable. Will need to replace plate and bearings to get the performance i was hoping for. Wheels are lovely and soft but would be better if they had firm edges instead. That said, the boot is super comfy and so so pretty. Would recommend people buy just the boot and plates separately. For the price, its much better to purchase separately than to end up with a full package that you then need to change up again.

Rated by Rach Martell
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