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187 Moxi Thick Gear Pack 1187 Moxi Thick Gear Pack 2

Bright, adorable and protective! What more could you ask for from the 187 & Moxi collaboration gear pack for you plus sized beauties?

Recommended for:
  • Beginner, low impact Roller Derby (you may want to upgrade knee pads at a later date)
  • Beginner Skate Park (you may want to upgrade knee pads at a later date)
  • Recreational skating

Not usually recommended for:
  • High Impact Roller Derby - more protective knee pads necessary

  • Comes with knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards
  • Knees - Pull on style with sleeve, large cap, decent padding
  • Elbows - Pull on style with sleeve
  • Wrists - Wrap around style, double splints
  • Knees - Measure circumference around your knee cap - 18"-21"
  • Elbows - Measure circumference of your elbow joint - 12"-14"
  • Wrist - Measure circumference of your palm - 9.5"-11"
Standard stock item. Usually ships same or next business day.


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