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SG Park Series Trucks - Hi 1

Finally, wide skate trucks that are easy to install! No need to cut your kingpins or modify your cushions. Their taller design gives extra clearance and eliminates these modifications. You may still need to change out your pivot cups if your plates use hard plastic, metal or delrin ones. Pick up a set of gummy pivot cups in the menu below.

Recommended for:
  • Skating at skate parks
  • 10 Degree plates (Reactor Neo, Reactor Pro Series, Avanti, Probe, Competitor etc)

Not usually recommended for:
  • 15, 20 or 45 degree plates (Avenger, Roll Line, Crazy Plates, Bont plates, Thrust etc)

  • Sold in sets of 4 trucks
  • Hanger: 2 3/4"
  • Axle Tip to Axle Tip: 5 1/4"
  • 8mm Axles
  • Aluminum Hanger, Steel Axles
  • Gummy pivot cups available in menu below

Pivot Cups:

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