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Spring Rush Delays

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Very happy with these, and with the service. I went back and forth on what size to get, asked 100 different questions, received them, changed my mind, and got the exchange done all quickly, and with no hassle(Thanks Zoe!). The plates are very light, and it takes no time at all to swap out the cushions if you want to try something different. The upgraded hardware from the red edition of the plates means no issues with the toe stop screw, or the truck screws.

Rated by Steve

Purchased these with my Antiks. The first time I really skated on them after having skated for nearly a year on PowerDyne Thrust Nylon Plates, I felt like my one foot was consistently trying to turn inwards. Once I adjusted my stance they were amazing! I was actually getting around the track faster then ever and I didn't feel like I was pushing as hard as I had to with the PowerDyne plates, which made me fee like the slowest person on the track. Worth the price tag in my opinion.

Rated by Natasha

I'm very happy with these plates! As a skate dancer, they've provided a balance of agility and stability that has allowed my skating to progress and opened up new techniques and moves. I've gone from a soft cushion skating style (lots of rolling turns, pivots, softer wheels) to a hard cushion style (more wheel sliding in turns, 3 turns, loops, better spins, harder wheels). If you are a dancer who wants to take their skating to the next level, these frames are worth the investment! These frames also work well in a skatepark. I can grind rails with them, they are agile and keep there speed on transitions. They have also withstood a great deal of punishment, gaps, big 720s, grinds etc. I bought an extra set of axles so I can quickly change my wheel set up. If I'm going to a good rink, it only takes an allen key and a few minutes to put my good set of indoor wheels on.

Rated by Chris

Was watching these plates for a long time. Search up on google and most people think they're the bees knees. I asked a skater that I know skates a ton of different floors, refs, jams, blocks, whether she'd given them a try yet. Hey eyes rolled back into her head, and she said "they're worth it" I'm about 125 lbs, block and jam relatively equally, 3 yrs derby experience. These plates are really, really good. It's the cushions that make em, I've found a nice balance between the two softest colours (slightly stiffer under my heel, most responsive set under my toes). You can carve, really the lateral movement I noticed first. They maintain speed in a way avengers don't; hard push to the side doesn't get eaten up like stiff donut cushions, arius rolls with it. The slightly wider wheel base, with the slightly lower center of gravity, adds stability when absorbing a hit. (I'm on super slim profile diamond wheel, but my new setup looks hardly wider) Not to say I don't think you can accomplish tons of speed, lateral agility, and stability without these. But I am super happy with them, love jus carving around with them at freeskate. Really the only con about these plates is they are $400 before you get them mounted.

Rated by kimberlee

I got these on my custom Antiks last summer and I really like them. They took a bit of getting used to as my last plates were the Venus so much heavier and a tad bit higher. These feel super stable , I like that you can adjust them with the different cushions to make them more suited to my needs and weight. would recommend if your budget allows.

Rated by Shannon
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