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I'm a heavyweight skater who's tried Moto Deluxe, then Reds, but I still felt sluggish in my rollout, despite having rigid core wheels. Finally decided to spend a bit more to try the Qubes and I absolutely agree that these bearings are kick-ass! You will not be disappointed.

Rated by Ashley Hopkins

Definitely noticed a difference skating with these bearings then the ones that came with my fresh meat package. Much better!

Rated by Amy Proulx

It's amazing what a better set of bearings can do. Night and day! Skates almost skate themselves, that's how smooth they roll!

Rated by April Brost

These bearings are AMAZING! My 25 in 5 improved after putting these in! They are so smooth and effortless! I love the look and feel of these bearings! I think I am a Qube 8 ball for life! Thanks Rollergirl! and Zoe for putting up with me!

Rated by Amanda Sew-ci-o-path

I absolutely love these. I could definitely tell the difference from the stock ones that came on my original wheels. Now every set of wheels I have has a set of 8 balls in them!! _3

Rated by Jen Jeans

Got these around xmas time and found my laps improving instantly! Thanks! :)

Rated by Carley Schweitzer

The first time I skated with these bearing in, I noticed a difference, especially on the corners. I am a huge advocate of these bearings, and recommend them to anyone.

Rated by Bounty Hunt-her

Moved from Reds to 8 Balls about a month ago and noticed that it was definitely a little bit easier to maintain a faster speed. It seemed to take a little while for the bearings to settle, though. For the first couple weeks it felt like I was skating on a tile floor when I was on polished concrete. The bumpiness is gone now, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Rated by Arlene McElwee

Slapped these bad girls in the other week and noticed an instant difference from the Reds to the Qubes, granted not a massive difference but they did roll better and felt a little more effortless and this was just after cleaning the Reds bearings too. Will see how durable they are in time I guess.

Rated by chris

I found the Qube "8 Ball" Bearings to be pretty good speed wise, I wouldn't say they are above average for the price, the 8 balls do give you a really smooth ride. Mine are just over three months old and I've finally had to clean them, which is longer than most bearings last. Only two of the 16 really really needed it. The outer guard seems to seal pretty good to keep the dust and gunk out, and we skate on a pretty dusty floor most of the time. The downside is the inner shield is really flimsy and broke on a couple of bearings and popped out at least half of the others when I tried to clean them. With both shields gone, the inner ring fell out and then all the ball bearings did too. It was a huge pain to get them all back together, it took me 3 hours when it usually takes me under an hour. I don't know if it'll be worth cleaning these again.

Rated by Cassandra Hueser
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