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My husband bought these for his skates and ended up stealing them because I really love these wheels for outdoor skating. I even skate with them indoors sometimes, as I'm too lazy to switch them out. I'm petite and I prefer the smaller size rather than the 62mm. They don't seem as bulky and awkward. I have used them to practice skills and some tricks outside and I can feel my edges with them. I wish they came in other colours.

Rated by Alessandra

Bought these as I didnt expect my skates to come stock with such hard wheels. The difference? Inexplicable. Probably should have bought 62mm or even 65mm just due to the road conditions where I live, but these were absolutely incredible to glide down beach strips this summer.

Rated by Bronwyn

These wheels are awesome for outdoor skating and relatively budget friendly. I had started out with the stock moxi gummy wheels and wasn’t a huge fan as I found myself tripping over them due to their size! The 57s give you the best of both worlds with their soft texture for taking on cracks and their smaller size for more agility. I would definitely recommend for casual trail skating and street skating and I’ve also used them at the skate park as a beginner which helped slow me down a bit!

Rated by Natasha

I'm a beginner skater, and these have treated me so well! I've been only learning outside, and these have made learning so much easier. Budget friendly and reliably good! Would recommend.

Rated by Hilary
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