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Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 1Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 2Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 3Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 4Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 5Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 6Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 7Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 8Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 9Radar Halo Wheels (HALF SET) 10

Achieve world class edging without sacrificing grip! These wheels have Radar's signature H Hub design. Thinner urethane on the edges provides great response, and easier stops. The middle of the hub has a deeper urethane giving better grip and control.

Recommended for:
  • Derby, indoor rink skating
  • A variety of surfaces as they come in a variety of durometers. Contact us if you are not sure what is right for you.
  • Skaters looking for light wheels

Not usually recommended for:
  • Outdoor skating

  • Height: 59mm
  • Width: 38mm
  • Core:H-Shaped Large Hub
  • Hardness: from 84A to 103A
  • **SET IN SETS OF 4 WHEELS** Buy two sets for a pair of roller skates.


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