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Super light, responsive wheels, and a great mix of grip and slide. Very satisfied, would absolutely buy again. (Using 91A on polished concrete is perfect for my blocking; would probably go a bit stickier if I jammed more often.)

Rated by Karla

Great midpoint wheel. So versatile for different floors.

Rated by Leah

I got to try out my new 97A Halo wheels last night. All I can say is OMG I'm in love. They are so light and very responsive. Speed on the straight and grip in the corners. Edging is amazing. I think I my need to replace my other wheels with a full set. I'm the first in my league to try them and I think I have sold a few all ready.

Rated by Jackie

we usually skate on a very slippery floor. Last weekend, we went out of town for a game and their floor was very sticky, so I bought the 95s and I LOVED them. I'm going to stick with these for my next sets of wheels.

Rated by Chantal

I am a complete newbie and struggle severely with speed. The floor we skate on is slippery so I started out with the raydar indoor/outdoor hybrids. I got 15 laps on those, I switched to my morphs and got 16. Last night I used my Halo 91a s (still being cautious) and I got 18 laps. From the first 15 to the 18 was only a week so I highly attribute this to the wheels. I love that you can feel the edges "energy feedback" responding in the turns. It's a wonderful experience, especially if you like to feel your feet like me. I'm a barefoot skater and like an un padded boot and these wheels make the feel even more in tune. I'm going to use these through my fresh meat and let them help me learn the edges. When I'm ready I will buy a harder set and keep the 91a s for my sticky wheels. I love these wheels and hope they are here to stay.

Rated by Holly

Starting derby this year, these wheels helped me tremendously with my speed. Very lightweight and just the right grip for me :)

Rated by Kelsey

I LOVE these wheels! I needed a new set for when we switched to our winter practice space - a gym with a super sticky floor. I went with the 97a's and they're everything I was hoping for! I was having some trouble with using my edges properly for a bunch of drills, and these wheels helped big time. I'll definitely be buying a pair of the lower durometers when we switch back to our slippery summer floor!

Rated by Kallie

I absolutely love these wheels! They claim to provide world class edging without sacrificing grip, and they deliver on that promise! They are very responsive, and take my jamming to a new level. Will be replacing all of my wheels with Halos!

Rated by Dusti

My Radar wheels have worked great so far. My only wish is that I'd ordered two of the 88's, I was worried about skidding out on turns on our polished concrete floors so I ordered one set of the 86's to stagger my wheels. This turned out to be an unnecessary move as these wheels offer great control! Such an upgrade from my freshie wheels, eventually I'll get around to replacing them all with the 88's. Only con is that they're a bit pricey, but it's worth it to upgrade and (if you get the right hardness) they should last you a long time. Rollergirl was also excellent at helping me choose which ones, ask them questions if you're wondering which hardness to get! Also just an FYI- the wheels are more dark grey than the close-to-black pictured.

Rated by Miriam

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