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Average rating based on 9 review(s)

I really like this. They are super grippy and I feel that is what I need. Great for beginners and people who want lots of control to work on skills.

Rated by Sarah Smith

I just started skating one month ago and these are the wheels I have been learning on, they are very sticky but they seem to be perfect for learning! I need the stability while learning, but I am almost ready to switch them out so I can get a bit more skid action on stops. So far though they make me feel very comfortable doing crossovers at higher speeds.

Rated by Melanie Stacey

Great wheels for a great price. My practice space has super slick concrete floors and these have a great about of grip without being sluggish.

Rated by Jessica Turner

I really like the Villains! I was skating on a polished wood floor for a while which was surprisingly slippery and these were quite good. When I moved to concrete flooring, I found they were grippy but fast. I have also skated on these wheels outdoors and found them perfect! For the price, these are a great hybrid wheel. As always, I'm happy with my purchase :)

Rated by Sara Tobin

These wheels are a great! They have a slightly lower profile that really helps with stability.

Rated by Tamara Henderson

I use these as a combo with the radar presto, they work great! I dont have to sacrifice my speed and have no spilling. Very stable on the track :-) happy costumer :-)

Rated by Lucy Charbonneau

I skated on my Villains for a while, but switched to Atom Booms (which feel exactly the same) because they offer low/slim instead of just slim like the Villains. I'd have stayed with the Villains had they offered a low option. Great grip, but not muddy feeling like Poisons.

Rated by Shannon Wood

I find these great. We have a slippery floor at one of our training venues. These wheels give me super confidence to push it harder. I have used these outside too around Stanley Park and they were great!

Rated by Ross Braidley

For the price these are a pretty good hybrid wheel. I find the speed/grip of the Atom Slims superior, but they're almost double the cost.

Rated by Marissa Balahura
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