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Stock Updates

Reckless Morph Wheels 59mm (HALF SET) 1Reckless Morph Wheels 59mm (HALF SET) 2Reckless Morph Wheels 59mm (HALF SET) 3Reckless Morph Wheels 59mm (HALF SET) 4Reckless Morph Wheels 59mm (HALF SET) 5Reckless Morph Wheels 59mm (HALF SET) 6

Dual durometer, stacked wheels! These wheels offers both grip, speed, and stbility.

Recommended for:
  • A variety of indoor surfaces
  • Beginner to Intermediate skaters

Not usually recommended for:
  • Outdoor skating

  • Height: 59mm
  • Width: 38mm
  • Hardness: 84A/88A, 88A/91A, 88A/93A, 91A/95A and 93A/97A
  • Core: Nylon Link hub
  • Sold in sets of 4. You will need to buy 2 for a pair of skates.


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