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Rekd Junior Heavy Duty 3 - Pack 1Rekd Junior Heavy Duty 3 - Pack 2Rekd Junior Heavy Duty 3 - Pack 3Rekd Junior Heavy Duty 3 - Pack 4Rekd Junior Heavy Duty 3 - Pack 5

This is a terrific kid's gear package. Sturdy, protective and not too bulky.

Recommended for:
  • Indoor & Outdoor skating
  • Dance Skating - not too bulky
  • Low impact Junior Roller Derby

Not usually recommended for:
  • High Impact Roller Derby - Not protective enough

  • Dual splint wrist guards, Sleeve style (step through) knee pads, elbow pads.
  • Measured 3-5cm Above the Knee, 2-3cm Above the Elbow, and around the wrist.
  • S: Knee: 20-24cm, Elbow: 16-19cm, Wrist: 13-15cm
  • M: Knee: 21-26cm, Elbow: 18-24cm, Wrist: 14-16cm
  • L: Knee: 22-30cm, Elbow: 14-16cm, Wrist: 15-18cm


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