Riedell R Fit Insoles

Customizable insoles to address multiple foot issues in your skates

Recommended for:
  • People wanting more, or less arch support
  • People with numbness, or tingling in the toes/ball of the foot
  • Skaters with heel lift
  • Skaters suffering from arch soreness, tendon strain, or difficulty holding the inside/outside edge

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skaters who currently use custom Orthotics
  • Skater who are happy with the fit and comfort of their skates

  • Kit includes 1 pair of base insoles, arch supports in 3 thicknesses (low, neutral, and high), 1 pair of metatarsal pads, 1 pair of heel lifts, 1 pair or pronation/supination heel wedges.
  • Available for skates sizes 3-13, please use the drop down menu for the appropriate size for your skate


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