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Very Comfy and Styley. Super fast shipping on these. Love them a lot so far

Rated by Sarah

Absolutely love these skates, they feel great from the first day. I love the range of motion I have, and love the classic look. If you're looking for great all around skates these are for you!

Rated by Shannon

I absolutely love these skates! I have prettt wide feet so I was a little worried about if they’re fit, but they fit like a glove! They’re soft but still supportive and they work great for the street skating I do. This is my first pair of roller skates (previously I’ve used roller blades) and they were a great introduction! Jessie helped my out in finding a skate and size that would fit and they absolutely found the perfect one! Overall wonderful experience.

Rated by Charlie

Love these! I upgraded mine with Moxi Gummy Wheels and Fundae Wheels, and a bionic toe stopper! I take them road, jam, and park skating. Rollergirl were fantastic, I've ordered from them 4 times and the customer service is unmatched! I have size 11 women's feet, and overpronation (flat feet) and I ended up returning my size 9 men's (I'm a a tight size 9 impala) because the arch area hurt a bit, and I didn't want to heat mold them and lose the option to return. Instead the size 10 fits perfect (size 12 women's).

Rated by Siobhan

Got these lovely babies a week after my birthday in July~ They're super comfy, and fantastic for someone who is getting back into roller skating. Also they look absolutely more rad in person. Definitely would recommend these to others!

Rated by Kahyla

Whether you are just getting back into skating after 25 years like me, or just getting started, these are awesome skates. I get compliments on them all time too, so I know they're stylin'. Excellent for wider feet and/or high instep, did not have to break them in at all, the suede is supple yet supportive. One thing I noticed, when the temperature hits 30+, my wheels don't want to roll very fast on the black-top. Other than that, can't wait til the fall weather hits for some long distance skates on the rec-path. I can definitely say these skates are a solid long term investment, will check into faster wheels for next summer fo' sho'. SKATE ON!

Rated by Richelle

waiting for my recent order of these kittens. I cant hardly wait. hurry hurry hurry

Rated by TRACEY

My Voodoo Kitten took less than a week to arrive to destination. And they fit perfectly! I've made some people jealous with them. Thanks to Zoë for all the help!

Rated by Jade

I've had my Voodo Kittens for 2 seasons now. I just love them. Everyone asks where I got them. They are perfect for recreational, road skating. Chelsea was awesome and certainly knows her skates. She picked these for me and she was absolutely right. The boot is very soft and comfortable. I hate anything too tight. The wheels are great. I am very pleased. I just bought a back brake though as I find that on hills (I live in a hilly area) the front brake can be tricky for a quick stop.

Rated by Lisa

My Voodoo Kittens came today (2 days earlier than Canada Post said on the tracking) and I love them! I tried them on (SOOOO comfy) and took a practice (tiny) lap in my apartment (yeah laminate floors) because I just couldn`t resist. Thanks especially to Zoe for all of her help with all of my questions and providing so much helpful advice. :-)

Rated by Kerrie

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