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RollerGirl is amazing and so are my new skates! These skates ride so much smoother than the ones I had as a kid and I haven't gotten a single blister. The fit is so comfy and I have the staff at RollerGirl to thank for that. They called me to confirm and adjust the size I had originally ordered. Thank you so much for bringing back that feeling of pure joy that I remember from my childhood.

Rated by Tanya

I love my skates! The customer service I got from Zoe was bar none. She gave me great information for me to pick the skates I needed and the proper sizing. I know these skates where a little above my skills since I haven't been on any in years. The wheels are great for outside. I recommend these skates for anyone that wants to get outside and skate. I also recommend you buy them from Roller Girl!

Rated by Charity

I love my Jive Monkey skates! They are like slippers with 4 wheel drive. I have never had such great customer service like I had with I was able to get information quickly. I was able to place an order for skates that fit my budget and Derby needs. Thank you so much.Sending much Derby love from Nova Scotia! :)

Rated by sarah

I totally love these skates. Everything about them is rad. I wish somebody had told me to buy snouts before I scuffed them all up, but they look better now anyway. I was particular pleased about how quickly the bushings wore in. There was no break in time at all for the boots and they were instantly comfortable. The first day I got them I considered wearing them to bed. You will love these skates.

Rated by Adrienne

Great skates, super comfortable, doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything. Above awesome customer service from Roller Girl, as always!

Rated by Christina

Just bought myself a pair of JIVE MONKEY skates. They are great! The only thing better than these skates are the gals at ROLLERGIRL! Super fast, friendly service and an incredibly knowledgeable bunch! They may even be experts!! I'm telling everyone about this place! YAHOO, Rollergirl! Andre

Rated by Andre

I love my skates, I couldn't have asked for better service and the end result is wonderful.

Rated by anna

I think rollergirl should give lessons to heads of corporations on customer service. The 265 Vandals that I purchased from rollergirl arrived as scheduled and fit like a glove I CAN SKATE!! My old school classics started to suffer and show their age so instead of re-doing everything(trucks,wheels,bearings,etc...) I decided to take the plunge and purchase a new pair of skates. And what a pair! Once I got the trucks dialed up and tightened to my specs it was like taking off to the moon. The responsiveness and speed that they deliver is awesome! I can actually keep up with the pack on the outside of the track and have to slow down for the jammer on the inside. I'm like a new man (even feel younger), these skates are better than Best investment I've made in a long time. If your a skater struggling around the track with a pair of beaters and are wanting to taste 'FAST', then these puppies are for you. So skate hard boys and girls Thanks again Rollergirl and staff

Rated by mikko

The staff at RollerGirl seriously know what they're doing, and have the best customer service I've ever had for online purchasing to date. When my skates first arrived they didn't fit quite right, so they told me to send them back and sent me a better fit for no extra fee! The Jive Monkeys are awesome. The shoe is as comfy as it looks, and they handle -very- well. I'm really happy with them. Thanks, RollerGirl! You guys rock!

Rated by Robyn

The service and knowledge of the staff at Rollergirl ROCKED....All of the info etc over the phone was amazing. My skates arrived a day later, and they are wicked.....Love rollergirl and my products....Cheers

Rated by jennifer
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