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I purchased these skates in September. I think they are fantastic. They offer a good fit with high quality construction. I highly recommend them.

Rated by Lisa

Excellent Quality ! Perfect Fit !

Rated by Mary Stuart

I got these 3 years ago as part of my fresh meat package. I have seen so many girls upgrade their skates after 6 months to a year, but I am still super happy with my 126's. They do require a break-in period -- they run narrow but will eventually stretch and mold to your foot. However, that said, I have never had a single hot spot or blister. They are comfortable and durable. Still loving them 3 years later. No need to upgrade. Do yourself a favor and start out with a good skate instead of having to buy twice.

Rated by Candace Peck

These are my first pair of roller skates, so with nothing to compare them to, I think they're great! I upgraded a few things (bearings and toe stop) and couldn't be happier. Sarah was excellent with ensuring proper sizing before shipping them out and they're a perfect fit.

Rated by Paula McFarlane

These were my first skates and they're an excellent starting place or even an upgrade from something like the Riedell R3. I adore the 126 boots and everything else is really great about the skate as it come except for the toe stops which have a habit of falling off. I slowly upgraded everything about my skate starting with toe stops and ending with my boots and they still have a very soft spot in my heart.

Rated by Brooke Worthington

For a few of my first practices i borrowed some Rebel skates, and the tongue dug into my feet and were loose on the heels, but were the right size. i thought, if this is how skates are supposed to feel, this is going to be uncomfortable!!! but when my Riedell 126's came, they were so comfortable for my wide feet, and the tongue is nice and flexible and thin, and the split last gives me lots of room in the toes without any heel slippage!!! these are AWESOME boots, and well worth the investment if you have wide feet like me!!!

Rated by Lynne Hallman

I have wide feet, and found alot of 'trial/borrowed' skates too narrow and sore for me when I started out. These skates, though a little snug in the beginning, have stretched out nicely and holding up very well... very happy with them.

Rated by Zoe McGovern

I began skating in April of this year and (after much research) decided to buy these skates for starting derby in May. The price seemed initially high to me, but I knew I also didn't want to upgrade in a year (after having them for several months, I believe they are well worth the money). Before the purchase, I had called and emailed with many questions (since I knew almost nothing about derby/skates) and had a positive customer service experience for all of my interactions with RollerGirl. Getting the right size was a major concern, but with all of the assistance I got the correct size and I love the skates. I did go with the hybrid wheels (since I knew I would be practicing on various surfaces), and now I'm considering buying a second set of harder wheels for indoor only use.

Rated by Linda Wilson

These were my first pair of quad roller skates. They fit perfectly and are comfortable to skate in. The customer service is high quality and they certainly know their stuff. Thank you RollerGirl for all your help!

Rated by Samantha Barnes

My first pair of derby skates and I love them as a starter skate! After using loaner gear for two months I was very excited to get my own skates and these have totally lived up to my expectations. Very comfortable fit and have everything I need to tenderize myself as freshmeat.

Rated by Denise Kamphuis
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