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Much better than the typical stops that come with the skates. If you use your toe stops a lot, they do wear out quickly, still a cheaper option than gumballs, especially if you want them to blend in with your skates & not stand out.

Rated by Heather

Decent build quality, but not particularly durable. A lighter skater would probably get much more use out of these, but as a 210# guy skating on sport court, I've chewed through these stoppers in short order. They are very inexpensive, however.

Rated by Garrett

Grippy, but don't last long. These came stock on my skates and they wore out fast. I'd say spend the extra $10 and go for gumballs because you're going to end up spending the same replacing them before the gumballs would ever wear out.

Rated by Lori

I don't have experience from any other brand of stopper but for the street these ones are fine. I can mohawk from a decent speed and stop on the spot. I have tried them on smooth concrete and even at a slow speed I slide a lot when stopping. These stoppers came with my Riedell 265s and will be fine for now but when they wear out or get an opportunity to skate on polished concrete or another smooth surface I will be replacing them with the gumball stoppers.

Rated by Steve

Fell off constantly which was a real drag, but they weren't slippery so that's a plus. There's no comparison to Gumballs here, though.

Rated by Brooke

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