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Roll-Line Dance 1Roll-Line Dance 2

Freshly imported from Itally, the Roll-Line Dance skates are light weight, responsive and fun! PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SKATES ARE NOT SIZED IN LADIES SHOE SIZES. Use the sizing tool (on this page) to determine the best size for you.

Recommended for:
  • Indoor skating on grippy surfaces - these wheels are hard and very slippery!
  • Dance skating
  • Rink Skating
  • Skaters with medium narrow to medium wide feet

Not usually recommended for:
  • Outdoor skating - you will wreck the wheels and have a bad time!
  • Roller Derby - look into "speed style" short boots
  • Skaters over 215lbs - look for skates with aluminum or fibre glass infused plates
  • Skaters with really wide feet (EE or more) - these skates have a medium to slightly wide fit

  • Roll-Line Regina vinyl boots
  • Roll-Line Mirage nylon plates
  • Roll-Line Boxer Indoor Dance wheels
  • Roll-Line 7mm Bearings
  • Roll-Line Professional Stoppers (metric - these skates are only compatible with Roll-Line stoppers)

Note: **These skates take 7mm bearings and metric stoppers. This can be annoying if you already have a collection of 8mm bearings and imperial stoppers**

Standard stock item. Usually ships same or next business day.

Wheel Colour:

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