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Roll-Line - Variant M 1Roll-Line - Variant M 2

Roll Line makes the best plates. They are particularly nice for roller dance but we find that they are super versatile and make great derby and recreational plates too. They are smooth, maneuverable, responsive without any sacrifice in stability. We love all the Roll Line plates.

Recommended for:
  • Roller dance
  • Entry level competitive figure skating
  • Roller derby
  • Recreational skating

Not usually recommended for:
  • Anyone looking for a super light plate - they aren't crazy heavy but far from the lightest on the market
  • Anyone with fear of the metric system. These plates are metric, unlike most other plates and are only compatible with metric (Roll Line) stoppers. Wheel compatibility is NOT an issue.

  • Aluminum plates and trucks
  • Steel axles (7mm)
  • Natural rubber cushions
  • **Please note these plates require 7mm bearings

Custom Mount:

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