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Love these!!!! So colorful and pretty and protect well!! Ive had so many incidents where I'd smashed my knees into the ground or fell on my wrist and I could barely feel it! Super great gear at a really great price!

Rated by Vanessa

I am glad to have purchased the skate gear because heck I don't think I can skate without it. I have only skated a handful of times this year but it's definitely saved my knees and my hands loads of times especially when you get cocky. I wanted to go go for the Moxi pads but I wasn't sure if skating was gonna be my thing. so I went for a lower price point with the same kinda colours I wanted. They are hella cute and also don't slip off elbows or knees when you fall. I did find the knee pads ran a little small for my thighs but they still are doing a great job.

Rated by Shawna

These are ok. The wrist guards are WAY big for me, so I got a pair of "just wrist guards" that fit well. As "not a small person", I needed the xl for the leg room on the knee guards. They fit great. The elbow pads fit fine too, however, I'm not super stoked on the quality. One of the straps on the elbow pads is already starting to tear, right out of the bag, as in they are unworn and arrived like that. They were cheap, and if price reflects quality, I certainly got that. The GOOD part about them, is that I could repurpose the wrist guards for ice skating, as I can easily fit a pair of gloves under them. They are also flat-ish, so packing them is easy due to them being somewhat low-profile. At this price, if they only last one season, I won't be upset. I can easily just buy another pair.

Rated by Alexandra

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