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Got these skates back in May and I've been quite happy with them. The size chart tool Rollergirl has provided is quite helpful when finding the right size! When I first got these skates, I had zero experience with roller skating and being in my 30s; I can confidently say its never too late to learn! I found these Rio to be a great quality pair of skates to learn in; while being at a decent price.

Rated by Alison

Before I got these skates, I hadn't skated since I was 7. I'm 22 now. The main thing that kept me from skating was that I have weak ankles and feet, so just 5 minutes on the ice and I'd have to sit down from the pain. These skates, however, are exactly like skate shoes with wheels on them. Because they looked so comfy, and I had been wanting to get back into skating of any kind, I decided it was worth a shot. I didn't quite believe that they'd work for me, but I figured I'd resell them if that was the case. 3 months in, I've gone from gripping a fence or wall for balance to being able to do crossovers, trail skating, and am just starting to learn transitions and pumping ramps at the skate park. It's been so so so fun learning to skate again! If you have weak feet/ankles like me or haven't skated in over a decade, these skates are for you.

Rated by Janna

My daughter loves these skates! She used them way more than I thought she would all summer. And the kids on our block thought they were very exciting too. Her roller skates started a skating trend. It was fun to watch! I would also recommend the safety accessories. The wheels are really smooth but as a beginner she took a couple of spills. With the pads it was still all fun.

Rated by Nasha

These skates are awesome! My uncle gifted me these skates when I said I wanted to try skating. They ride so smooth, boot isn't uncomfortable, and the colors are so pretty! They are pretty heavy, however. Price point is amazing, shipping was fast and customer service (Zoƫ) was so helpful! I will definitely order everything skate related that I need from this shop.

Rated by Maryam

My daughter loves these skates! She has enjoyed many hours on the trails this summer. When I watch her it makes me want a pair for myself!

Rated by Jenny
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