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High quality toe caps with nickel eyelets and silver rivets along the seams. Durable metal hardware holding everything together - not sewn - no thread to unravel or bust apart after a gnarly wipeout. Built to last.

Recommended for:
  • Protecting your beautiful skates from getting scuffs
  • Moxi Skates - the colours actually match!
  • Most roller skates (they don't need to be Moxi's)

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skaters on a budget - they are a bit pricey

  • Hand made in the USA by Abbey Roadkill
  • Material: Suede, nickel eyelets
  • Fit: Small recommended for skate sizes 8 and smaller; Large recommended for skate sizes 8 and larger. (Size 8 is the middle of the road and can go either way; small for a snug fit, large for more coverage.)
  • *Moxi Jack boot: You may consider buying for one size up from what your boot size is, as the Jack boots are more beefy and padded than typical skate boots.
  • *If your boot laces all the way to the toe, you may want to go with the size small toe caps no matter your boot size, as the large caps will sit a few rows higher than the bottom eyelets on your boot (however, this will also provide more coverage.)


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