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As a very sweaty guy, I was kinda skeptical about the description for this shirt. My polyester shirt I got at Dick's Sporting Goods felt like some kind of winter thermal wear after an hour on the track, and by the end of a bout I'd be covered in sweat from head to toe and ready to pass I was looking forward to trying a new shirt! The material feels like a thin microfiber, like the kind you'd use to clean glass or dry a car (smooth, not fuzzy). It's surprisingly thin, but that allows it to dry really, really fast. It also lets a bit of breeze through, and definitely keeps me cooler on the track. I can't say anything about any wicking or antibacterial coatings. I've never seen a fabric (outside of a raincoat) that doesn't wick. I wash this around once a week, so I haven't allowed mold to grow on it either... I wore a Medium in the Dick's shirt, which was a loose and comfortably for movement. I got this in a Medium, and it fit a hair snug (mostly around the biceps, but I would have felt better with a six pack of abs as the cut didn't hide much). I moved to a Large, which is still a tiny bit snug around the biceps (mostly when jam reffing and I have one arm in the air the whole time, I have to readjust the shirt at the end of each jam) but much less naked feeling. The length of both shirts is adequate, I didn't have any problems with my belly poking out. All in all, I highly recommend this! It's a very, very nice shirt.

Rated by Garrett Socling

I ordered this as my back up ref shirt. I read that this shirt runs small, so since I'm larger in the chest area I ordered a mens XL. It fits great at the chest but is a bit flowy around the middle if you're a curvy lady. Great if you don't want any bumps or bulges to be noticed. The fabric is really soft and kept me cooler on the track during practice than my regular ref shirts do. I did find the neck a little high/tight for my preferance, but it is a mens cut so the collar would be higher. All and all I like this shirt. If it was made with a v-neck it would be pretty much perfect! If you're a lady ordering this shirt I would suggest you order one size smaller than you would wear in ladies sizes and it would fit about perfect if you don't mind a non fitted bottom, if you want tight go two sizes smaller.

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