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Very nice heat formed mouthguard, it forms right to your mouth and minimizes talking too funny. Way less drool than any other I have used. So far it feels comfy and safe, I'm getting an extra one for just in case.

Rated by Veronica

Despite what you may have heard, I do NOT have a big mouth! I always felt like I had to 'hold in' my huge old gummy mouthguard (resulting in THE WORST JAMMER FACE IN HISTORY) and my dog ate like 6 of them because they looked like his damn Kong toy. I won't even get into what I sounded like on the track - but if you've ever tried to order from a take-out window, you get the gist. THIS MOUTHGUARD IS AWESOME! Easy to boil, and easy to spot tweak when something is just a teeny bit off. I can drink (without looking like I've really been drinking) and I yell so much now they went and made me a Pivot. Best gear purchase of the year.

Rated by hurt

Great mouth guard! Can't say I've fallen in a way that would normally break my teeth yet to vouch for it's effectiveness, but it is very comfortable! I can talk and people can (for the most part) actually understand me, and i doesn't need to be pulled out for drinking or anything. Sometimes I even forget that I'm wearing it :)

Rated by Lori

This is the best mouthguard ever! Not only does it come with $30,000 worth of dental protection, it is completely readjustable - again and again. I've been able to adjust just one area if it's bugging me or the whole dang thing if it just isn't feeling right. Love it, love it, love it!

Rated by Candace

I love this mouthguard! It was really easy to boil (and re-boil if i didn't get it right the first time!) and mold to my teeth - didn't take long to do so. Also, I love the fact that I can drink without having to remove it, and can speak (and yell!) with it in without worrying that it will fall out. Thinking about getting another one for my team colours.

Rated by Felicia

I have a very bad gag reflex. I have tried many different mouth guards and have had no luck until now. This mouth guards is fantastic! After fitting it to my mouth, I was able to use it. I would recommend it to anyone who has a hard time with gagging with normal guards. A1

Rated by Doug

I love this mouthguard!! I can talk with it in, drink and cheer my team on! Best of all I dont drool when its in like other mouth guards!!! What is really awesome is that you can re mold it as many times as you want! Just re boil it and mold it again and again, I think I molded mine like 10 times already!

Rated by Jody

best 25 bucks ever spent on a mouth guard, easy to talk in , if it doesnt quite fit right its easy to remold, ive had countless other types of mouthguards from previous sports ive played ranging from 1.99 boil and bites to 30$ shock doctors / similar types of mouthguards none compare to this , none come even close , yes its a bit thin but thats the beauty compared to other bulky chew toys youd stick in your mouth, all in all i highly suggest getting one

Rated by Donald

This mouth guard is the best! I can drink with it in AND talk...And people can understand me now without having to take my mouth guard out. It's very form fitting and comfortable to wear when set/adjusted right. Definitely recommend!

Rated by Samantha

This mouth guard is a dream! Other mouth guards made me gag! I can easily talk, drink, yell and laugh!

Rated by candice

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