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Stock Updates

Smith Scabs Knee Gaskets

Gaskets are neoprene sleeves with a horseshoe of foam around the kneecap. They support your knee from all sides, boosting the protection offered by your kneepads, as well as snugging up any extra space you may have in your kneepads.

Recommended for:
  • Skaters who want extra knee support and protection.
  • Skaters with kneepads that are a bit too loose/stretched out.

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skating in very hot conditions,they can make you extra hot!
  • Skaters with knee pads hta fit great!

  • Take a measurement 2" above the top of your knee cap.
  • XS = 11" - 14"
  • SM = 13" - 16"
  • MD = 15" - 18"
  • LG = 18" - 21"
  • XL = 21" - 24"
  • XXL = 23" - 26"

Note: These are not a stand-alone product - they are meant to be worn *underneath* kneepads with a hard cap.


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