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Spring Delays - New Stock Coming

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These are my first outdoor wheels and I love them!! Picked them for the price, but I am sure I got a great wheel for a steal ;)

Rated by Barbara

I'm new to skating so these are my first pair of outdoor wheels, that said, I love them. They were a bit sticky at first but after skating a bit they were perfect. I used them during my town's annual Relay for life (cancer fundraiser) and skated a few laps on some rough pavement and a brick/cobblestone-like surface and these wheels handled it all so well.

Rated by Heather

I love these! I'm a fairly new skater and this is my first set of outdoor wheels but I think they are great. I skate on a slightly rough concrete track outside and I have no trouble at all. Definitely 0 regret in this purchase.

Rated by Sarah

Very happy with these. Smooths out unpredictable outdoor surfaces, which are otherwise intimidating for newb skaters like me.

Rated by Karla

I quite like these wheels. I went skating in the empty outdoor ice rink near my house and they dealt well with the smooth cement and with the random dirt that the wind had blown in, too. Thanks very much for your help and for the speedy delivery.

Rated by Gina

These are my first pair of outdoor wheels and I love them! I am so glad I bought a set rather than use my hybrids outside.

Rated by Abbey

I just got these today! So happy with the fast delivery. Excited to use them once it dries up out here.

Rated by Natasha

I'm a new skater & purchased these wheels for skating rails to trails to get more skating time in outside of practice (beautiful paved trail with the ocasional bits of gravel). They are great! Even over the rougher bits, very happy :)

Rated by Stephanie

my first time skating outside with these i was very pleasantly surprised (i've never had outdoor wheels before). very good wheels and great price.

Rated by Lorie

The are fan-freaking-tastic! I get around the pot holed streets of edmonton no problem with these babies! _3

Rated by Nicole
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