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Bought this product about a month ago. Since then I have cleaned about 5 sets of bearings with it. All were being used on an outdoor track, very dirty and this worked great! Bearings in (full set) soak, agitate, dry and done!

Rated by James

Got the Turbo Wash and its fancy-pants dipping apparatus as part of RollerGirl's clean-your-bearings kit. I don't know what surprised me more: finding 3 of my bearings completely locked upon first removing them from my wheels or gaining an extra 2 laps over 5 min because I cleaned them. CLEAN YOUR BEARINGS . . . and if you're not totally checked out on how to do it, the RG cleaning package that includes this little wonder is a great way to start.

Rated by Andie

Love this and I also love that you can buy re fills!!

Rated by Junelle
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