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Nice, smooth ride.. No issues with cracks in the pavement or rocks! PERFECT for a first set of outdoor wheels! :)

Rated by Erin Howard

These are great outdoor wheels, no issues with small pebble size rocks, smooth ride :-)

Rated by Lucy Charbonneau

Picked up a set of these wheels in Red earlier this summer and they are awesome! Fast and smooth and ready to eat up even the roughest pavement.

Rated by Michael Maan

I can't say enough nice things about these wheels. I upgraded from the Aerobics and a whole new world of outdoor skating opened up for me. They roll over anything - cobblestones, sketchy pavement, branches, shells, sand ... I've even used them in the rain (with very thorough cleaning of my skates afterwards!).

Rated by Olivia Flynn-Gomez
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