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Sure-Grip Velvet Wheels (FULL SET) 1Sure-Grip Velvet Wheels (FULL SET) 2Sure-Grip Velvet Wheels (FULL SET) 3Sure-Grip Velvet Wheels (FULL SET) 4Sure-Grip Velvet Wheels (FULL SET) 5

Looking for an indoor dance wheel with slide? These wheels are made of a synthetic clay which offers a hard clean, un-bouncy feeling to the roll. They slide nicely without being totally crazy slick.

Recommended for:
  • Dance Skating (Jam, Ryhthm)
  • Rink Skating

Not usually recommended for:
  • Outdoor Skating - They would crumble to pieces!
  • Folks looking for durable wheels - we find they pit easily and take on dirt like nobody's business

  • 57m Wheels
  • 31mm wide
  • Synthetic Clay compound


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