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I am thoroughly satisfied with this pack set. They are my first and when I compare them to the sets my friends have bought I realize what a great deal they are. The hard caps on the knees proportionally large and the quality of the plastic and it's weave to the sleeves do not feel cheap at all (to my beginner's eye). Again, the cheap stuff you're going to find at Walmart or Amazon is not even coming close to this build quality. Better safe than sorry for an extra $20 is worth it.

Rated by Sarah

Got them in just over a week, which to me is quite quick! The size M fits me very nicely so I'm happy about that. Also, $50 for all three pairs?! Amazing deal! I can't put them to the test just yet as I don't have skates but these will protect my joints without a doubt. Solid. I can't wait to throw myself at the pavement in these. Thank you!

Rated by Sarah

Husband is using these pads while learning to skate (and then getting something fancier for park knee pads), they've been great at keeping him safe. Works well if you fit in the multipacks, though not everyone does!

Rated by Crystal

Great protection, small price. Can't go wrong. XSmall fits perfectly on a 5yr old

Rated by Alex

These are fabulous. My daughter loves them. They fit her budget without compromising safety or comfort a definite winner on cost vs quality. Very happy with these.

Rated by James

These are perfect. I bought them for my daughter when she was six and she is still wearing them at nine- still comfy and in good condition.

Rated by Beth

This was a great deal! My girlfriend is learning how to ride a unicycle and this protective gear was a must! They work great and she's learning to ride while protected :D

Rated by Angela

Not bad for my first set, but I wish there was a little more variation in pad set for adult sizes. I've got very small arms and hands but thickish thighs! This was the best deal for pads, but I have to adjust the wrist guards as tight as they'll go and knee pads as loose as they go, essentially. Still, I feel pretty dang safe with it all on.

Rated by Grace
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