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Triple 8 Saver 3-pack 1Triple 8 Saver 3-pack 2Triple 8 Saver 3-pack 3

Excellent value pack (knee, elbow and wrist guards) for recreational skaters. The wrist guards are especially good quality and value. The knees and elbows are small unobtrusive and offer a minimum amount of protection.

Recommended for:
  • Kids & Junior recreational skaters
  • Adult recreational skaters who wish to have some protection

Not usually recommended for:
  • Roller derby. These pads are not protective enough for roller derby.

  • Includes wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads.
  • Available in black.
  • Available in Kids Jr., Adult Small, Adult Medium, or Adult Large.
Standard stock item. Usually ships same or next business day.


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