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Spring Delays - New Stock Coming

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Even though I've been skating for a half decade I feel like a total newbie when it comes to talking about plates. So here is a laywoman review of my Venus plates. I bought them when I purchased a pair of Crazy Skate DNAs in 2014. I've put a lot of hours on them since then and while I love my new skates as a whole, these plates are pretty amazing. The first practice I had with them I experienced a few minutes of what can't be described as anything other than panic that I was completely out of control, it was like I has wild stallions under my feet. After a few laps I got the hang of it and I couldn't imagine it any different now. These plates are incredibly responsive, lightweight (compared to what I've used previously) and divine to skate with.

Rated by Gilly

Love these plates! They are incredibly agile, and feel very strong. I opted for the lightweight kingpins and recommend this upgrade, there is a very noticeable difference in the overall weight. Roller Girl customer service is outstanding and guided me thoughtfully through my purchase, thank you so much!

Rated by Michael

I am a relatively new skater and these are the first plates I have purchased other than the plastic ones that came with my first skates. They are responsive and took a little getting used to but I love them. The really great part however is the customer service. I called the store and asked a bunch of dumb questions and still came out with the right selection for my size and skill level. Highly recommend Crazy products and anything Rollergirl recommends.

Rated by Ken

I'm a bit of a gearhead, and when I started looking into these plates, I had to know more. There are technical descriptions of these plates all over the web, so I won't recap what's already out there. I'm an older guy who's skated on lots of plates over the years: ACS, Sure Grips, and Dominions. Those plates were all 10-15 degree trucks. These 20 degree Venus plates along with the 3 sets of included cushions offer a lot of mobility and tuning. I didn't want to go to a 45 degree plate with the extra truck adjustment nut. For me, simple is good. I like the Delrin truck pivot insert. The CNC machine work is pure art. I got the 252mm plates that offer a 6.38" wheelbase. They are a touch shorter than the 6.5" wheelbase I usually use. Super responsive, stable, and just plain fun. Good value. Check them out if you are in the market for new plates.

Rated by Rusty

I bought these plates as an upgrade to a basic aluminum plate I'd acquired when purchasing a second hand boot. I had completed fresh meat and had been skating with my house team for about five months. I found a difference in my maneuverability and agility immediately and am a huge fan of these plates (significant coming from someone who was skeptical of the ability of gear to improve skating). I am glad a waited to be more confident on my skates before purchasing them. If find that in areas of skating where I still have less confidence (e.g. skating backwards), they can sometimes help my skates to have a mind of their own and not be where I intended them to be. But this is about my need to develop my skills, not a fault of the skates. Love them and have recommended them to others more than once since getting them!

Rated by Bell
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