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These are genius! I could instantly see myself getting up faster after falls, as well as they are way easier to get a running start in. Highly recommend these to everyone!

Rated by Jasmine

I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to run on my toe stops once i switched to these. I am a bigger skater and I don't have the greatest stability, but once I switched to these, I felt way more comfortable on my toe stops. Lots of surface area, great stability. HIGHLY recommended for newer skaters.

Rated by Jill

Low profile stopper. Good for roller dance if you aren't ready to use jam plugs. I use larger stoppers for outdoor, but in a pinch these will do. Love them indoors though!

Rated by Sarah

Might be good for outdoor flat-ground skating but not good for hills-- wore down to the metal after about five outdoor skates.

Rated by Leah

These ground down in a few days of outdoor skating, really did not hold up well on hills. My first toe stops were carrera ones and they lasted way longer with the same amount of use. I would not recommend these for anyone who goes down hills at all in their skating. These are a waste of money in my opinion.

Rated by Claire
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