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They are nice, exactly as described, good price. I am a small woman, I bought the junior size and I don't regret it. As with all protective gear, it stretches a bit with time so be mindful of the size. I have washed them several times in the washing machine and are as good as new.

Rated by Valeria

Amazing! I always try to catch myself when I fall so double splint wrist guards were a must. Haven't had a wrist injury since I got these and there super affordable!

Rated by Brittenay

Great wrist guards. They're light and firm/supportive so that when I fall and use my hands to brace (the braces take the impact and not my wrists). So yay for no broken wrists and they're also protective of scraping up my hands (they cover most of where I would get my hands scraped up). Certainly not comfortable (wrists stabilized) but they're meant to be that way so nothing gets broken. So get these to not break your wrists. They're comfortable for having your wrists stabilized.

Rated by Cassidy

I love these wrist guards. They fit very well, feel light (I don't get as sweaty as with other wrist guards) and yet very protective. Warmly recommended!

Rated by Dorothea

Good fit, strong and stiff, and makes me feel safer trying riskier moves :)

Rated by Leah

These wrist guards have been adequate but I will most likely purchase the derby wrist guards next time. My issue with these is that once they stretched out a bit after a couple months, even though I have a size small, it is now impossible for me to tighten them enough to completely immobilize my wrists (which could be very bad when falling). Other than that, they are comfortable and good quality.

Rated by Kayla

Light and stiff, these are awesome wrists! They don't slide at all, and I don't sweat much at all in them, which is nice (no one likes slimy wrists!)

Rated by Robyn

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