Zuca Sport Bags

Really well-made skate bag for practice and travel. Some great features include the built-in seat, removable washable bag, light and strong aluminum frame, and lots of great colours.

Recommended for:
  • Carrying your skates and gear.
  • Sitting on.
  • Pulling around.

Not usually recommended for:
  • Carrying small animals - We would recommend the Zuca Animal Carrier - Not sold at RollerGirl.ca
  • Using as a lunch box

  • Dimensions (including wheels): 18”x12.25”x14.75
  • Zuca Sport Frame
  • **Slightly too large for carry-on***
  • 39” telescoping handle
  • removable, hand-washable, polyester insert
  • Check out the whole line up of Zuca products at http://www.zuca.com/showroom/
  • We can bring in any colour you want, there will be a delay
  • We carry black frames in stock and a variety of bag colours.


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