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Roller Skates for the Whole Family:

A Moxi Lolly roller skate

Outdoor Roller Skates

Skating outside is so much fun! We have an extensive selection of skates in every colour and style, with wheels specifically designed to provide a smooth ride on concrete, pavement, and other outdoor surfaces. We stock many of the best roller skates for beginners, specially chosen to give you a quality ride while staying on budget, and we double the manufacturer's warranty, so you know your skates will last.

A dance roller skate

Dance Skates

Fine tune your Crazy-Legs and smooth out your JB style, get your skate crew together, and hit your local roller rink. The skate parties are ON!

Our entry level dance roller skates come with wheels that can be used indoor and outdoor, while our best dance roller skates come with harder indoor only wheels that give you the slide you need to get those advanced tricks dialled-in.

We also build custom roller skates! Get in touch, if you're looking for skates made just for you.

A yellow SFR kids roller skate

Kids Skates

Get the whole family rolling! Check out our awesome range of some of the best roller skates for kids that promise heaps of fun. We've got a selection of well designed skates that are built to withstand endless adventures. No flimsy skates here, only models that pass our rigorous standards.

A Bont Roller Derby Skate

Roller derby gear

From your first practice to your first WFTDA win on the travel team, we have all of your derby needs covered. Take a look at our huge selection of quality derby gear, and take advantage of our years of experience on and off the track to help you at every level. Don't hesitate to contact us with all your questions, or for some expert recommendations.

An S-One Lifer skating helmet

Protective Gear

Safety first! Protective gear will help you become a better skater faster by giving you the confidence you need to gradually push your own limits.

We sell the best protective gear on the market, from kid sets to pro-level derby pads, at the best prices in Canada. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, including pad sets for kids and adults. We’ll get you padded-up and skating safely.

Radar Energy outdoor roller skate wheels

Parts: Wheels, Bearings, Toe Stops and more.

Replacement parts and upgrades, including a huge selection of indoor and outdoor wheels, bearings, toe stoppers, laces, toe protetors, and everything else to keep you rolling.

Let us help you rejuvenate vintage skates, or get the perfect set of wheels for your favourite skate spot.

Take a look at our roller skates maintenance tips, and read up on taking care of your skates.

Canada's roller skate shop since 2003

With our huge selection of skates and parts, in stock here in Canada, over 20 years of experience, our renowned friendly customer service, free 1st exchange (on skates in Canada), and amazing return policies, we're here to help you find your dream skates.

Skaters helping skaters

We are roller skaters. Derby players, ramp skaters (shout out to CiB!) and dance skaters. We are here to answer all your questions and help you pick the right products for your needs. Don't be afraid to ask, email or call us, we'll explain everything. There are no silly questions.