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roller skate wizard

an online tool to help you find your dream skates

Which roller skates are best for me?

Outdoor skates? Dance & Rhythm skating, or roller derby? Kids and Jr Derby? or Skate Park skates? Wide or narrow foot?

Answer a few questions about you and your style of skating, and the Wizard will show you roller skates especially selected just for you.

Start the Roller Skate Wizard

Roller skates, like humans, come in all shapes and sizes. Some skates fit better on wide feet, some fit better on narrow feet. Some are made for peak performance in specific disciplines, some are made to have fun anywhere. One thing is for sure: there's a skate out there for everyone! We've simmered down all the expertise from our top skate experts into our Skate Wizard: answer a few questions and get instant skate recommendations!