1. sizing guide

sizing guide

Learn how to measure your foot properly to get the right size skates the first time.

To ensure that your skates fit you perfectly, we ask that you supply us with a simple foot measurement. We then compare this measurement to the measurement of the insole of your desired skates. We use this as a way to verify that the size you have chosen is correct. If we feel the size you have chosen is not the most appropriate for you, or if you requested to be contacted about your sizing, we will call/email you to discuss your fit.

Foot measurement diagram

How to take your foot measurement:
  • Place a piece of paper on a hard floor, against the wall
  • Stand barefoot on the paper with your heel against the wall
  • Make sure the paper has not shifted and is still flat and against the wall
  • Draw a line on the paper at the tip of your longest toe
  • Measure the distance between the edge of the paper that was against the wall and the line you drew
  • Measure it again to double check the measurement
  • Do this again with the other foot
  • Send us the measurement for your biggest foot (for most people, a foot will be slightly bigger than the other)

In addition to this measurement, please provide your normal shoe size in the comment field during checkout, also specify whether you have narrow, regular or wide feet.