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Sale starts April 7th 2024, at 10am pacific time

24hrs only - online only

*** Everything will be on sale for only 24hrs! ***
(except already discounted items, Dream Skates, and Gift Certificates)

This sale takes place on our website only (RollerGirl.ca). No phone or in-person orders will be accepted.

Some deals are so hot that they will only be available in limited quantities, shop early so as not to miss out (sale starts at 10am Pacific Time).

Join the Facebook event for updates and pro-tips, and join hundreds of others in the excitement of pre-sale prep shopping!

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Sale Policies

Returns and Exchanges: All items purchased online during the sale will qualify for their usual satisfaction guarantee.

Orders are processed in the order they are received and limited stock will be allotted in that order.

We may run out of stock on some regular items during the sale, incurring delays while we replenish our shelves. In such case we will contact you with the following options:
1) Keep your order open and paid (with the item at the sale price), and wait for the new stock.
2) Remove the backordered item from your order so that the rest of your order can ship right away.
3) Cancel the whole order for a full refund.
Orders that contains a mix of items that are backordered and items that are in stock will be shipped as one parcel when all the items are back in-stock. If you prefer, you can opt to pay separate shipping so that we can ship the in-stock items right away.

Orders cannot be combined. Being prepared pays off, make sure you got everything you need before checking out. Group orders must be done in a single order.

Adding items to a sale order after the sale, before it is shipped, is allowed but you won't get the sale price on the added item(s).


- Simple orders will ship faster! If your order does not require us to answer questions, email or call you about sizing then it will ship much faster. Please double check the details of your order prior to confirming, are all of your sizes/colours chosen? Contact us prior to the sale to discuss sizing, or ask any questions you may have if at all possible!

- Contact us well before the sale (like, right now) to talk about sizing, or ask any questions you may have. Knowing exactly which items are most appropriate for you, and in what size, makes it so that you can get in, shop, and check out before any of the items you really wanted sellout. We will not be answering the phone or email during the sale. Once the sale is over we will start processing orders in the order they were received, we will get in touch if needed, but keep in mind that due to the very high volume of orders, this can take up to 2 weeks.

- Prices will update automatically in your shopping cart. This means you can put items you really want in your cart (while logged-in) before the sale. Then, when you log-in on sale day all the special prices will apply to the items in your cart. It also means that if you don't checkout before the end of the sale, at 10am pacific time on March 27th, you won't get the sale prices. You must checkout during the sale to get sale prices.

- Expect delays! Due to extremely high volume, our order processing will take longer than usual. We expect a delay of up to 2 weeks before you hear from us after your purchase. Please be patient :) If you need items in a hurry, please purchase them before or after the specified sale times, and your order will be processed and shipped prior to sale orders.

- Some items will sell out and cannot be backordered. Putting an item in your cart does not reserve it for you, you must checkout before it sells out. Out of stock items need to be removed from the shopping cart to checkout.

- Use the cheapest shipping method. Since it will take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks for us to get to your order, it makes little sense to pay for faster shipping. If you need your order in a hurry please purchase before or after the sale, at regular price, and your order will be processed in priority.

- Order early, get your loot faster. Sale orders are processed in the order they are received. Simple orders made early in the day are barely delayed at all :)

Happy spring sale!