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Spring Delays - New Stock Coming

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These booties are life savers!!! My skates were rubbing so bad that it hurt to skate, which made practices not very enjoyable. But now, ahhh life is good!!! THANK YOU!

Rated by Jasmine

Fantastic! Not a single blister in my new Death Grip skates. Couple of red marks that I assume would be nasty burns or blisters without the Booties. Broke my ankle last summer and have some scarring and a plate and screws close to the surface and I haven't had any problems as long as I ear the Booties. Definitely worth the $15!

Rated by Bonnie

I bought the freash meat package with sure grip skates. I love this package! All I needed was in one package at one great price. Everything fit me really well and the girls at Roller girl were awesome. They contact you to make sure all mesurments are right and that they send you the right stuff. Not only that, but it was delivered to my door in two days. It was great! Thanks RollerGirl !! I will be back for more stuff :)

Rated by Maegan

I love my new booties. I don't have any more rubbing or blisters and the perma-blister on the top of my ankle has disappeared! I have recommended these over and over again. Love 'em!

Rated by Alexandra

The booties help with the Haglund's I have on both heels by providing a smoother surface and more cushioning. It's been a noticeable improvement with less pain. There are still a few times skating where it still rubs my heel, but that seems to depend on the sock that I'm wearing over the booties.

Rated by Owen

I have thick ankles, and new to newish derby skates have always hurt the area above my heel, you know the back top part of the boot that digs in. These help, when I actually remember to wear them. They aren't miracle workers, but they do help and are better than nothing.

Rated by Andrea

I was getting wicked burns on my ankles from my skates, these booties really helped! They make my skates fit better and stop them from sliding/rubbing. These sure help, especially for those 3 hour practices! Totally worth 15 bucks!

Rated by Tina
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