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Magic Cushions - Reactor 1Magic Cushions - Reactor 2Magic Cushions - Reactor 3Magic Cushions - Reactor 4

Specifically designed for the Reactor plates. These cushions will improve or restrict the movement of your trucks depending on what you are looking for.

Recommended for:
  • Reactor plates. The step cushion is not as high as other cushions.
  • Skaters who are looking for more or less movement from their Reactor plates
  • Marvel Plates - found on Moxi Beach Bunny, Panther, Jungle, as well as Riedell Dart and Orbit skates - Will require a 2mm washer under the barrel retainer

Not usually recommended for:
  • All other plates. The Reactor & Marvel plates require this specific cushion shape

  • Red (Soft) - 78A, Orange (Medium) - 82A, Yellow (Firm) - 85A, Purple (X-Firm) - 89A
  • Includes 4 upper step cushions, and 4 barrel cushions


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