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Spring Rush Delays

Mounting Hardware

A set of bolts and nuts for installing plates on your skates! Please note: all of the plates we sell come with a set of mounting bolts. If you order new plates from us, you do not need to order mounting bolts for them.

Recommended for:
  • Re-mounting plates with new positioning
  • Mounting new plates
  • Useful to have in your emergency skate repair kit

Not usually recommended for:

  • Available in 2 sets:
  • 4 long bolts, 4 short bolts, 8 mounting nuts and washers, and 1 small vial of thread filler
  • 4 long bolts, 8 short bolts, 12 mounting nuts and washers, and 1 small vial of thread filler

Note: Our Canada Post shipping calculator does not give an option for shipping by unregistered snail mail for very small items that will fit through a mail slot. We are, however, happy to do so (and refund the shipping price difference to you). Snail mail typically costs between $2 and $4 within Canada only, and does not come with a tracking number. Delivery for snail mail is between 2 and 12 business days. If you are ordering this item on its own, and you would prefer us to mail it, please write �please send by snail mail� in your order notes/comments and we will refund the difference in shipping to your credit card.

Mounting Hardware:

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