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This is the absolute perfect skate for ramps and parks! I upgraded from the Beach Bunnies, so while my bar was low in comparison, I am constantly floored by how great these skates are. The scuffs brush right out, and the only sign of wear is the white dust from the concrete our locals use. These skates are super light and unbelievably comfortable. The ankle is supportive (I have weak ankles from years of rolling and sprains) but not at all restrictive. They really helped take my skating to the next level, both from having a boot that fit properly (I seriously recommend measuring your feet) and from the serious difference a better set up can make. And the comfort once you're through the break-in period is mind blowing! I've used these on all day seshes with very little discomfort at the end of the day, and the longer I skate they even get more comfortable! These definitely aren't necessary for beginners, but these are a great option when you're ready to make a serious upgrade and you know you want to stick with park skating for a good long while.

Rated by Michelle
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