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Spring Rush Delays

Average rating based on 7 review(s)

I love these wheel for outdoor they go over lots of different terrain very well also they have a very smooth ride over concrete,

Rated by Saphrina

I've been riding these beauties for nearly a year now and still love them! They perform great on tarmac as well as on wooden floors and even concrete, they are fast and agile. I would recommend them as a great all round wheel for all of you who prefer a narrower profile. By the way, the colours are smashing. ;o)

Rated by Dorothea

I'm new to outdoor skating and haven't found any issues using these! I've used on a rougher road in the country to a bike path and this wheel works well on both surfaces!

Rated by Nadine

These wheels are so great. They glide over pebbles and cracks effortlessly. I can go so much faster now on rougher terrain. The plastic hub is a necessity.

Rated by killer

These wheels are awesome, they ride really smooth and work well on sidewalks and roads. I'd buy them again!

Rated by Claire

I bought these wheels after having mystery outdoor wheels gifted by my league and what a difference. These are excellent for outdoor applications and I think I skated upwards of 100 miles on them this summer alone!

Rated by Renee

These wheels are AMAZING. I upgraded from my stock impala wheels to these a few months ago, and though I haven't had much opportunity to really see them in action, the skating I have done on them has been so much more pleasant!

Rated by Katelyn
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