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Caveat: I haven't fallen with them yet. I bought this set for ice skating with the intention of one day trying roller skating. I measured for sizing and would say they are accurate to what I measured. The hard part was that my body is not all in one size, as in my wrists measured for a smaller size than my legs did. Ultimately I went for the in between and do find I'm at the tightest for wrist guard while the loosest at the knee pads and find the knee pads too tight for a comfortable wear after 2 hours. Perhaps it will loosen over time and truly not unbearable, just a regret on my end for not getting custom sizes per individual item since I liked the $ deal on this set. In terms of protection, I haven't fallen while skating yet, but I did test drops at home to prepare and the knee pads seemed good. I don't wear elbow pads. And the wrist guards were good and ultimately the main concern for me as someone with carpel tunnel. The wrist guards clearly provide more protection than the medical guards I wear for carpel tunnel which is exactly what I hoped for.

Rated by Quinn

These have been protective and affordable, however the knee straps are just a tad tight! No complaints about the wrist guards and elbow pads.

Rated by Janice

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