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These wheels are so good! The first time I tried these wheels was the at a rollerdisco on the smooth concrete floor of Robson square rink. My previous wheels were the Panthers. These wheels are slightly harder than the panthers and had a lower, slide grip threshold. The Urethane quality is so high. Every time I broke into a hockey stop slide the wheels would roar loud enough to fill the whole rink with noise. I would recommend these wheels for a skater dancer who wants a little more slide. These wheels work really well for dancing in and out doors and at skate parks.

Rated by Chris

I love these wheels! I was doing dance on my CIB park wheels but these are so much better! I don't know a lot about the technical specifics but I do know they skate beautifully on my laminate floor and on smooth concrete outdoors! Perfect amount of slide and traction.

Rated by Andrea
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