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I upgraded my slide blocks from the old CIB blocks. Installation was straightforward and easy and with a little creative flair I’ve coloured in the CIB for an awesome custom look! Now, these blocks were MUCH more slick then my previous one which for slides is defiantly a learning curve but does make them happen easier. I’m hoping more practice will prove victorious in more confidence and stability with them. Stalls feel great still no issues there. They fit great on my Moxi Jack Boots, would recommend.

Rated by Danielle

These slide blocks have been a blessing! This is my first year of skating and my first year of park skating. I feel very comfortable having these on my skates when I drop in off quarter pipes and hopefully will make my way up to a half pipe. While they lack a bit in aesthetics, it can be easily modified with several coats of nail polish to create a colour that suits your fancy! I would recommend this product to anyone interested in learning how to park skate.

Rated by Emily
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