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I purchased these to give me added protection as well as the Smith Scabs Knee Gaskets. I have a knee injury so felt it was important to buy these two items. What I liked is they aren't as bulky as the pro ones that my husband uses for long boarding. I haven't fallen and I don't hope to so I can't speak to how they will protect when that time comes. I read a lot of reviews and made the choice to get these! I am happy with them!

Rated by Shawn

I am very pleased with this purchase!!! I wanted new knee pads for a new season as I was using an older style of bulky triple 8 pads. These are so great!! They provide a comfortable and snug low profile fit. Bonus they are easy to wash and the green matches my team colours!

Rated by Kristina

I bought these for street skating and because I have knee issues. I'm very happy with them, I feel well protected in them and the straps have plenty of room for adjustment.

Rated by Katie

Bought these last year at the sale because the pads I wanted sold out so fast. Love them! They are lower profile so they don't get caught up in cross overs. Worked great for derby and at the skate park. They do fit small.

Rated by Jodie

As a short person with even shorter legs, knee pads are tough to find in both good sizing and good protection. These knee pads are so great! Love that both the padding and the hard shell are replaceable. They *will* feel crazy tight when you put them on, but don't panic - they'll stretch out to perfect within a couple of practices. (At least they did for me.)

Rated by hurt

As a plus size girl... these pads FIT for one... there is a break in period where they are a bit stiff, but once that is over these pads are a DREAM. they never slide around and are super cushy!!! LOVE. Definitely recommend.

Rated by Michelle

I knew I needed pads with extra protection as I have some bad knee problems and these pads make me feel really safe, which is all I could ask for! I have some thicc thighs and was worried these weren't gonna fit since a lot don't, but these fit super well! They're still a little stiff, but like the listing states, it'll soften over time!

Rated by Max

Very comfortable knee pads and being plus size they cover my knees well.

Rated by Brenda

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